The best beach in Australia can be found in Esperance and it was the best place to end our journey around the country!

Esperance! A location in Australia that’s a long distance from everything and everywhere (not difficult in Aus), but a place you should take time out to travel to! Seriously, without a doubt it is one of our favourite places in Australia and in the world, after all the South West is just a hidden heaven, and really you will understand why once I describe our time there.

So lets go!

We were meant to arrive in Esperance on Sunday, which was when my parents would then join us to camp right on the beach for a few days in celebration of ending our trip around the country. However after our very long drive across the Nullarbor that was meant to take 3 days only took us one, we drove into Esperance Thursday afternoon and checked into the local caravan park.

We beat my parents to Esperance by a whole day #whoops.

So set up in the caravan park we relaxed for one last night alone.


Friday the parents arrived #yay and celebrations began. Both in regards to our trip of 8 months coming to an end, and the parents seeing us again after 3 months.

We went out, stocked up on groceries for our week on the beach and had a delicious dinner. And then the next day we were off to one of the most beautiful camping locations ever; Lucky Bay!


When you arrive at Lucky Bay, its first in first served for a spot to camp. You enter the national park in the morning and they inform you of the number of places available. Once you arrive at Lucky Bay, because there are a few beaches you can camp at in the park, you drive around and select where you want to be, pay at the entrance to one of the volunteers and then set up you camp in front of beach views for days.


And then we literally spent three full days enjoying Lucky Bay and surrounding beaches in the national park. Lounging around in the sun, 4WD on the sand, and posing with the cutest friendliest kangaroo’s you’ve ever seen.

You see, not only is Lucky Bay stunningly beautiful and known for its really squeaky strange and personally cringe worthy sounding sand, but there are also a family of kangaroos. They jump around on the sand, coming up to people out of curiosity and posing with you for photos. It is the cutest thing ever!







We sat there and just waited for them to come to us, and after watching others that is the best thing to do. You allow the kangaroos to move around where they want and don’t scare them.


Did I mention how beautiful the water is?!

Well just look at it, it’s the clearest water ever and even if its bloody cold its worth jumping in for!


We are pretty happy to be there as you can see

By far Lucky Bay was our the best place for us to stop at the end of our trip around Australia, and it was made that way because of course where we were, but also because of who we were with.

We started our journey with family, they joined us throughout the trip in various locations and we ended the trip with them too. We loved sharing this experience with our families and through this blog. Its been a way from us to share those funny, quirky and sometimes boring events that took place, as well as jot down our trip as a memory for so many years to come.

So thank you to those who joined us on this trip and made it the amazing adventure that it was, and thank you to those who joined us along the way through our blog and have enjoyed our stories!

This stop in Esperance was the last on our journey in Australia, but it definitely was not the last of our blogs!

The stories may change, taking on a lifestyle approach at times, as well as a place for us to share our next travel stories around Europe, but they will still be our quirky fun stories. So stay tuned if you are interested, we love sharing these stories and it makes it even better when someone reads them.


5 thoughts on “The best beach in Australia can be found in Esperance and it was the best place to end our journey around the country!

  1. It’s very late…….I have read it a long time ago, but forgot to send something.
    I liked it very much to read your blogs, so nice to new more about Australia!
    It’s a beautiful country and the pictures were so nice, especially the last few pictures with my friends the kangaroos ❤️.
    Stay writing, so nice! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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