Our small stopover in Malaysia

So our 8-month trip driving around Australia is complete, and in this blogs case, my writing about our trip is complete. A sad thing to eventually happen but one we would never change and one we have enjoyed almost twice just by writing these blogs. Now we move onto what happened next and continue the story telling.


After departing Perth we made a quick stop in Kuala Lumpur. At first we thought, given the insane amount of luggage we had with us, that we had to collect and then check back in when our next flight was to happen, we would just hang out in the airport for 8 hours. Yes we had an 8 hour stop over, but those are things that happen when you purchase cheap Business Class flights separately for a one way ticket.

But after leaving Perth very emotionally, we wanted a distraction. So Alex went in search of somewhere to store our many bags. He found a storage place that would take all but one bag, perfect we were happy with that!

We took out some clothes, because the weather in KL was much warmer than we had dressed for, and went to get set for a day of exploring.

From there we caught an Uber from the airport into KL city. Neither of us had ever been there before, so along the way, which is over an hours drive, we took in the palm tree views.

Once we arrived in town we went in search of the Patronus Towers. And really they weren’t hard to find because, well they just stand out on their own.

We entered the massive shopping center underneath the towers and just wondered around in slight awe of the amount of shops there, as well as the types of shops. We got ourselves some food, possibly revisiting the stalls a couple of times because food was quite nice and then we ventured outside.

The stint outside didn’t last long as it was extremely humid, and well sweaty as hell. But we got some shots of the towers and then decided to slowly make our way back to the airport.


I know many will ask why we didn’t explore more of the city, but for us sadly we did not know much about KL or what to visit other than the towers, especially with the time frame we had. After all it was over an hours drive from the airport to the center and the same back.

So our Uber arrived, thankful due to the towers free wi-fi, and we had a very nice chatty driver. He spoke with us about his life in KL, about his religion and his family. But then at some point, as the sun was setting, we understood that he was ‘lost’.

I had been following my GPS the whole time just because we were in a foreign country with no idea where we were and he had more or less taken the wrong turn off and extended our journey.

Alex and I realised that he had basically done that to make more money off the ride by extending it a half hour. And initially I thought, well this is creepy as f that we are now driving down a very dark and empty road in the middle of nowhere. At this point Alex turned from chatty Alex to get the job done Alex and insisted on him returning to the original route and getting us to the airport! From then on he knew we knew his trick and his chattiness kinda died down a little.

We safely arrived at the airport just that little bit late and slightly saddened that he felt he needed to do that, but on another note we were well in time, if not slightly too early for our flight.

So we collected our bags, looked it every shop there was and finally when our flight appeared on the screen we went through customs.

From there we could check into the lounge. We had been fortunate enough to be able to fly business class all the way to Holland and this was our first chance to check into the lounge. We had a good 3 hours till our flight so once we checked in we took a seat and got to order food. Now I got very excited by the fact that we could indulge in everything there for free, but even more so when I could order a vegan meal and Alex, endless amounts of sushi and the both of us a drink or two. Food heaven for us!


After our amazing meal we were then able to take a shower! Yess I know in some airports, KL being one of them you can pay to use a shower, if you have a long stop over etc, but we could just take one for free and that made us so happy! After all free is free! We had left that morning from Perth, then spent an entire day sweating it out in KL so a shower for then the next two flights was heaven!

From there we relaxed until it was time to board. We felt so thankful to be able to experience this way of travelling and this was just step two in our journey to the Netherlands!


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