Learning a new language in Amsterdam!

So for those of you who don’t already know, I have recently begun taking Dutch language lessons in Amsterdam.

Overall I am enrolled in 3 courses, each going for 2 weeks and they are INTENSE as F!!!

But they are also extremely interesting. Honestly, I have learnt more about English than I think I ever did in school (sorry mum). I am loving the entire process of learning a language, something I never thought I would be so fascinated with!

I have completed two courses so far, that’s 4 weeks spent every day of the week in Amsterdam and I love everything about it. Even the moments where I have been brought to tears or think I cannot absorb any more information, I still want to learn more.

Has anyone learnt another language before?

If you have you will understand how nerve racking it can be to put yourself out there, to make mistakes and continually be embarrassed. But what I am also learning, thanks to my wonderful teachers and my amazing man, is that it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes.

Sure that makes sense, surely I should know that right?! Well as much as I am aware it’s ok to make mistakes, I have this problem of wanting to do it perfectly, and it gets in the way every damn time. Definitely becoming more than just language lessons!

So in continuing the lessons I hope that my nerves somehow disappear and eventually I can remember enough to string a sentence together, and an answer.

Best decision ever to take lessons!


9 thoughts on “Learning a new language in Amsterdam!

      1. Few of my relatives live there .. as per my knowledge it’s quite impossible to stay in Germany without knowing German language.. anyways it’s always good to learn..

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      2. Ahh lovely well I think either way like you say it’s good to learn! And Germany is beautiful so great way to explore like a local😊


  1. It takes time, dear Alyce! Our Dutch language is very difficult even for dutchies 😜. You already learned a lot! Goed zo 👍🏻

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