Yay! We finally have coverage

So we have been a little off the grid for a while, travelling, not working and all that, its such a hard life really, but finally we have some network and I can post about our spectacular trip to Exmouth!

Beautiful, sunny, warm Exmouth. I know Bob I am very sorry, but unfortunately this year we were lucky enough to have pretty warm days, with night time being a small exception.

For those of you who do not know Bob’s story please let me enlighten you. Bob, Alex’s brother, flew all the way from the Netherlands to surprise Alex and myself a few years back. It was a pretty spectacular surprise being orchestrated by my parents and Bob many months in advance with many diversions and sneaky tricks to ensure we did not find out. Its safe to say we never found out and we were shocked for hours after.

Anyway Bob came with us and my family to Exmouth, the weather was spectacular when we looked before heading there, however when we arrived it was blowing a gale, it rained and we all had to buy some clothes as it was unexpectedly freezing. It is now a running joke (Sorry Bob) that he brought the weather with him, Alex even playing the song on our drive up this time, in his memory.

So Bob you just have to come back because this time we swam with Whale sharks, oh and the weather was spectacular!

But yep that’s right we swam with Whale sharks and it was sooooo cool. There was so much excitement that I wrote a separate blog for it, detailing everything we did.

For the other days we spent in Exmouth, we swam at Turquoise Bay, but also unfortunately and very sadly lost Alex’s drone in the sea during a spectacular sunset and a very strange and still unknown malfunction. We visited Oyster Stacks Bay and Hamish’s favourite, Sandy Bay that apparently started with an E…we visited town beach, rented some SUP boards and Dad even got a jet ski for an hour. We hiked through Yardie Creek, mum made yummy lunch’s like when we were little and of course Emu’s walked through our tent sites.

Now of course I cannot not write about this, sorry Mum and Hamish. Every morning a handful of beautiful Emu’s would walk through our caravan park, coming right into our campsite, in and around our tents just being all casual. Of course we all followed them a little, taking pictures and getting excited, mum unfortunately got a little too close. She was standing near an Emu just minding her own business trying to take some pictures when then through the camera lens she saw the Emu come closer towards her. It happened so quickly that she got quite a fright and fell over. Now of course falling over was not at all funny, but in this trip to Exmouth mum was unusually in the wars and this was one of those moments. What was quite funny was there was mum sitting on the ground quite shocked, the Emu already strolling around somewhere else, and all around our campsite there oldies were coming out to see what had happened, looking very concerned, mum had an audience.

In around the same moment I believe Hamish was standing nearish to another Emu who then came a little closer towards him, he squealed like a girl according to Emily his girlfriend, which for us was quite entertaining. Now it may have been a lot funnier in the moment, but a must to retell in memory of our trip.

This trip was a lot of fun and a really great first main stop on Alex and I’s big adventure around Australia. I have always loved going to Exmouth, being spoilt enough to go almost every year as a kid with my family on holidays. It was lovely to take Lianne for the first time, to go back with Alex as we camped there the first time he came to Australia, to swim with the whale sharks for the first time ever, and of course to be there with my parents who introduced me to that wonderful part of the world as a kid. I think for me that is where I eventually started to like camping, enough to want to introduce Alex to it when he first came here years ago.


2 thoughts on “Yay! We finally have coverage

  1. I would like to add… the emu was scary! He was big and determined…. I was sure he was going to take my eyes out.
    As for the weather… yes Bob! You must come back… but maybe bring your Leanne to make sure we have good weather 😁

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