The plan to drive around my beautiful home country is one we discussed many times in the past but never, in my opinion, continued to formulate into an action, until 2017!

January 2017 Alex and I decided that it was time for a change, a new adventure and some exciting challenges.

We purchased our sexy Toyota Prado, nicknamed Otis, and from then on it was all a matter of time before the plan to travel Australia began.

We began with a map of Australia, plotting a few places around the country we had heard about, but then leaving a lot to our future selves. There was minimal Googling or preparation, just our few belongings, our car and ourselves.

The trip began in June 2017 and concluded after 8 months in January 2018. And given the extended amount of time, we threw in some international trips just for fun. Our trip expansion outside of Australia, included us venturing over to Bali, Indonesia and then completing a drive around the entire south island of New Zealand.

The map below lists the places we have been, stayed, enjoyed and explored. The trip was always changing, being ‘delayed’ which is never bad, and open to visit anywhere. We would not change anything about the journey and have definitely learnt many life lessons along the way.

Life is short, live it in your best way. Work is not everything and there is so much more in the world. In the end its who you are with and how you share life with them.

Check out our Australia and New Zealand trip based on the map below. If you have any questions about places, journeys, Australia, New Zealand or anything really, we do love to chat.