‘Get Your Guide’ tour company: our terrible experience!

Well let me start off by warning you that this is not going to be a nice post. It will be sadly a very negative post about our very unfortunate experience with the organisation ‘Get Your Guide’. So if this is not for you, no worries, but I have to share with someone what happened because frankly it’s unacceptable!

So lets start at the beginning.

I booked tickets for a Colosseum and the surrounding grounds tour, two people for three hours in a small group. I had booked it about a month in advance. I’d spent about a week researching tour companies, comparing prices and what was included, finally settling on ‘Get Your Guide’. I was pretty happy and really excited for the tour, especially as I was going with my aunt. It was her first time in Europe, in Rome and visiting the Colosseum.

Leading up to the tour date I received reminder emails, as you do, which of course as you can imagine fuelled the excitement for the trip.

On the day my aunt and I woke very early, we arrived at the Colosseum around an hour before our tour was to begin and walked for a bit. We then headed back to the meeting point, the Bridge of Constantinople and waited for our guide, about 35 minutes before the meeting time.

And then we waited, and waited and waited.

We walked around the bridge, and the bridge is not all that big. We spoke to other tour companies, and if you have ever visited the Colosseum you know that they will speak with you but only listen long enough to try and sell you their tour, so that was a little fruitless. We asked passers by if they were in the same tour. All resulting in nothing….

After about 20 minutes we walked past a family who heard us asking someone about the tour. They said they were also in the same situation and that we should follow them to the ticketing desk to speak with someone. So we did.

At the desk the staff reassured us that the tour company was reliable and always there, sure ok but where were they then?

They looked for us but also could not spot anyone. And the family had suddenly disappeared, strange.

The tour start time came and went and by this point we had been walking around, sweating a little from the heat and frustrated by the situation, coming to the conclusion that our tour guide had just not shown up.

At this point I tried calling the local tour company, and sending an email, both not working. After some time I did in fact get through to ‘Get Your Guide’s’ customer service center, where I put in my complaint. Whilst I am on the phone my aunt is still looking for the tour guide, but in the end we brought two tickets and lined up to get inside the Colosseum.

We had concluded that our guide was a no show, but we wouldn’t let it damped the day or the experience. Whilst inside we enjoyed ourselves and looked around, always checking to see if our tour guide was there, but nope he wasn’t.

So we had a missing tour guide, a complaint submitted but still we got into the Colosseum, always a positive point to take from the situation!

A week passed since my complaint and I contacted the company again. Sadly their response came back saying the tour guide stated they were there and as such we will not get a refund.

This is where I am absolutely unhappy!

We did everything right, we were there early, we asked around, we walked around and we called when something was wrong, but because the guide tells the operators they were there, we are wrong and miss out on the tour and quite a bit of money. Unacceptable!

So me being me, I have sent more emails with screenshots of my phone attempts, I have called and I have told ‘Get Your Guide’ and the poor person who has been assigned my case, that I will not let it go until I am reimbursed.

I’m sorry but I refuse to allow a big company to take my money for a service I can guarantee I did not receive. Annoying personality trait to some, but well let’s see if I get my money back…


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