Hi! anda_ontour translates essentially to Alex and Alyce on tour.

We, Alex and I (Alyce) met in 2013, in Chengdu China. By far the most unromantic city anyone has ever visited but by far our favourite place to have ever visited because it gave us each other.

Alex is a Dutchie, born and bred in The Netherlands and I am from that small ‘remote’ city of Perth, in Western Australia. Now, why were we in China you ask? Well, we were both over there for our studies, Alex was finishing up an internship for his Master’s degree and I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree.

We both attended a summer exchange program for two weeks, and well the rest is history.

During the two weeks of that internship we hit it off, and when it came to heading home to Holland and Australia we couldn’t just say goodbye and leave it there.

Alex and I spent a year long distance, which is difficult no matter which way you look at it. During that year we flew back and forth between The Netherlands and Australia, touring as we went. After a little time we decided to start our lives together in my home city, Perth.

It was three years later, we loved living in Perth and had been extremely blessed with visa’s and work, but we were ready for the next adventure.

That is where this website and our blog comes in. You see even though living in Perth was amazing, we also wanted to explore and try living somewhere else.

And so from June 2017 we packed up our entire lives, jumped in a car with a tent on the roof and set of on an 8 month journey. We journeyed around the entire country, and we can say now we have been everywhere! We also explored New Zealand and a little of Bali whilst at it. Whilst on our trip around Australia, during one of our long drives, we decided to move to the Netherlands and give living there a try.

Which brings us to the beginning of 2018. We sold everything again, packed all our belongings in as many bags we could find and set off to The Netherlands.

This blog and website for us began as a way of sharing our Australian and New Zealand journey. It has since grown into our way of sharing not only those and more adventures, but the changes in our lives, how we are dealing with it all and I suppose life in general.

For us this is our way of sharing our lives and we are learning as we go.

If you enjoy daily life stories with some natural and attempted humour here and there, then you may enjoy our blog. We are also super cool and have socials:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/anda_ontour

Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/andaontour/

Life is much better when you share it. We hope you enjoy sharing ours with us!

Alyce & Alex