A little bit of an allergy changes your plans…

So this post might be a little random and it doesn’t really relate at all to travel, but it was something that happened on our journey and well why not document it.

We had just departed Hobart, driving north into the middle of nowhere really. We stopped at this beautiful free camp up on a hill overlooking a lake. It was a pretty epic set up, our tent was facing the view and we also set up our chairs and table so we could enjoy the view that afternoon.

So the story really begins after we had set up camp. I had complained about being a little irritated by some allergies around the place that day, but at some point all of a sudden my face just had this crazy reaction.

Essentially my face swelled up, one of my eyes closed and I looked like a duck with serious lip fillers. It was not pretty!

For the rest of the afternoon I was trying to cool and de-swell my face with cans of drink from our fridge and any cream or tablet I could find in my bag.

Meanwhile Alex was Googling where the nearest hospital was in case I was having an anaphylactic reaction to something. We were an hour away from the nearest hospital…

That night I felt fine, I just couldn’t see very much. But we thought ok I must have just reacted to being in the country and had some weird reaction that would disappear the next day.

Nope that was not the case. I woke up the next day looking worse and Alex getting even more worried.

So we spent the day contacting doctors and anyone I could get in contact with, to see if there was someone in Hobart I could see. I eventually found someone and booked an appointment for the next day.

So we spent the day with a beautiful view again, one I could only see with one eye.

The next day instead of continuing our journey north of Tasmania, we drove back to Hobart. I saw a really nice doctor who gave me lots of things that in a few days worked wonders, and my face returned to normal thank goodness!

We had delayed our journey slightly by driving back to Hobart, but because of that I was cured and we got to visit Hobart for another day, in another area we hadn’t actually seen.

Maybe not the most exciting of days, nor the best for me, but everything happens for a reason. We got to experience Tasmanian healthcare and I found out that I AM allergic to peanuts, something I’d been eating wayyyyyy to much over the previous few months. Turns out if you have never really eaten peanuts before, the start eating literally with every meal for 6ish months, you can give yourself the allergy.

So there was our few days of an allergy reaction, hope you enjoyed the story.


3 thoughts on “A little bit of an allergy changes your plans…

    1. Aww no and I complete feel the pain of uncontrollable sneezing you poor thing! Thank you, I’m devastated because I actually love peanuts too much haha but such is life I guess!


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