Yes we know this blog is a little delayed…Our first Christmas with just us two…

Ok yes this post is veryyyyyy delayed, and yes we know we are extremely behind in posting them. But oh well, we hope you enjoy reading them still and stick with us. We were just enjoying doing nothing so much that we even forgot to catch up on writing about doing nothing…

So, it is Christmas eve, we have just spent three weeks exploring the whole of Tasmania and we arrived in the town of Ulverstone, just about an hour west of Devonport.

We set up our campsite next to another West Australian family, and it was nice to see a familiar number plate that’s for sure. Then we just relaxed. There were so many kids running around, with it being school holidays and Christmas eve, so relaxation was limited but it was still a really nice caravan park.

That night we enjoyed a tasty meal, emptying our fridge of everything and making something edible.

And then it was Christmas morning! Woooohooooo waking up on Christmas day in our tent was pretty cool. And to make it feel even more like Christmas, my parents had given us a small gift before we had flown away from Perth, so we had them ready to open right away.

We were kind of happy to have something small to open on the day, just to make it feel like Christmas that little bit more. we felt like kids again, because after all when your a kid christmas presents are what make christmas. As adults now not so much, but these definitely did! And with that good start to the day it was then breakfast time.

We had thought about what to make for quite some time, what would make it special, but also be easy given we needed an empty fridge. Well we settled on store brought croissants and jam. It was maybe a little bit simple and when I was put in charge of heating them up in the oven, well I may have burnt the bottoms completely black, but it was Christmas. Nothing can ruin that, not even burnt croissants, which we just picked at….

After our sad breakfast we packed up, got dressed in our fanciest clothes and then headed in the direction of Devonport.

We arrived quite quickly because there was no traffic. So at first we weren’t sure what to do for the rest of the day, after all it was only 10am…

But because my parents are too wonderful, they had also booked us in for a night at a hotel in town. We thought, yeah it’s early but its also Christmas, so surely they will let us check in early.

And they did, they even upgraded us to a suite #winning!

We had a room, with a bed and a TV! So we set ourselves up in comfortable positions and relaxed a little. Until lunch time came around and we got a little hungry, then we decided to go exploring in Devonport, after all we had never seen the town.

We walked out of our hotel, which turned out to be the only hotel open on Christmas day, walked right into the centre, which was right behind our hotel, only to find a completely deserted city. McDonalds wasn’t even open. We could not believe it, but in saying that we really should have, after all everyone should be able to enjoy Christmas. So we were very thankful our hotel was open, having somewhere to stay.

But that did not solve our hunger issue. We walked a little more, to see if any pubs were open, but nope. In the end we found a bottle shop, where we brought some champagne, and a bubble tea place that was having its trial run open day. We thought well its open so lets get one. And because it was there open day they insisted on giving them to us for free. We were very thankful, for the free drink and that it was semi something to eat. They were delicious!

Then that was it in regards to what we fund in Devonport. Back at our hotel we thought maybe we could order room service, which then got us very excited. Except we got shut down because it was Christmas and they did not do it that day #sad!

So with our bottle of champagne we enjoyed an afternoon relaxing. And really it was really nice, we got slightly tiddled.

When it came to dinner time we were starving. But the amazing thing was that our hotel had a restaurant open for Christmas dinner, lucky us right!?

We may have over ordered but we ate some good old Australian pub food on Christmas day and we were content.

Our Christmas day was definitely an interesting one, one that was a first for both of us. It was our first Christmas just us two, which was really nice, but it was also our first Christmas without either of our families, in a different place. That for us was maybe not the best, but we enjoyed the experience and it just made us really want to spend next Christmas somewhere cold and definitely with family! And wonderfully both families will be in Europe during that period this year, so we will see everyone during that time. Christmas time is definitely made special with people, not presents or anything else.

Thank you Tassie for our first different Christmas, but we will have a white one this year.

On Boxing day another adventure was to begin, one where we woke very early for a boat, but you can read all about that in our next blog post.


4 thoughts on “Yes we know this blog is a little delayed…Our first Christmas with just us two…

  1. Fun to read something which is 6 weeks old. Haha . Catching up ??? What abt New Year’s Eve ???
    Just joking it is a pleasure reading your blogs for so long and what an amazing adventure

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s not much in Devonport even when it’s not Christmas. I love most of Tassie, but it’s definitely provincial, and almost like stepping back 50 years as far as trading hours outside of the 9 – 5, Monday – Friday working week, especially in the North. Pleased you enjoyed your first solo Christmas together.


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