It’s now 2018! Our moment of reflection on 6 months living in our car…

We have just started a new year, and with it come so many exciting things. But it also is the time everyone reflects on the previous year and make resolutions right?

Well in looking back at 2017, by far for us it was the craziest year with so many changes, changes we are so thankful we made. And together we have had some crazy epic years, like when we met in China and did long distance for a year, that year we went to the World Cup in Brazil, that year Alex moved to Australia and then all the amazing moments in between. But still 2017 has been good to us. And in looking back, we saw and did everything we wanted to do, we definitely have no regrets and coming into 2018 we just want to do more of it!

2017 we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, got in our Prado Otis and drove north on what started out as a 3-4 month trip, oh and we also got engaged!!! Well as the title states, we are at 6 months. 6 months thus far travelling Australia and the south island of New Zealand, together and with family and friends joining us along the way. Seeing places like Karijini National Park, diving with whale sharks in Exmouth, travelling the very bumpy Gibb River Road, sleeping on the Great Barrier Reef, bungy jumping in Queenstown, and getting engaged on our favourite beach whilst celebrating my mum’s 50th, just to name a few. Like I said, by far the best decision we ever made, which continued to lead to even more exciting decisions.

And so in looking to 2018 we are excited for all that is to come. We will continue this wonderful journey and complete it in 8ish months total, seeing every state and territory, as well as iconic location in Australia. We will then pack up our lives again and travel to the Netherlands where we will see what its like to live there, for me that is. And we will I guess begin to plan a wedding.

Its not a bad way to begin the year right?!

Well we cannot wait for it all, like I said. And in saying that, as well as reflecting on last year and I guess on what we have been doing, we are looking forward to the change. What I mean is, 6 months travelling in our car has and still is amazing, we wouldn’t give it up for anything! But we are also reaching the end of our journey in the car and we couldn’t be happier.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t want this trip to end quickly, we want to savor every aspect! But we also have had enough of living out of a car. More specifically we are sick of having to walk down stairs each night to use a bathroom, we are over having to get all our utensils and cooking ingredients out of the car for every meal and then putting it back each time, really its just so much effort. And oh my goodness we cannot wait to have a couch! One that is ours that we don’t have to share with random people, one that is situated in front of a TV we can watch whenever. Oh and I have to add I cannot wait for a washing machine that doesn’t cost me $4-5 each wash, one that washes clothes properly.

So yeah 2017 was by far our most epic year together, but we cannot wait for 2018 and all the exciting changes to come!

We started 2017 with so many big changes, ones we then thought we could continue forever, travelling the world and living in different locations non stop. For us entering 2018, we take with us that wonderful dream and slightly shove it in the bin. The living remote part that is.

Bring on endless travel and many more trips in a car we hope, just ones where at the end of it we drive it to a house we live in with all the creature comforts many take for granted.


2 thoughts on “It’s now 2018! Our moment of reflection on 6 months living in our car…

  1. Have you considered a very cheap caravan of some sort for in Australia. You could add a shower tent, and porter loo. It means your own bed, own seats, and own TV. And all your utensils are on hand, a gas stove, and a power point to plug in a kettle. You can pick up a sturdy, old one for less than $10k, and sell it for the same when you’ve finished.

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    1. I think we would consider it if we were to continue living here in Australia and maybe when we are a little older or have kids I think it’s an option for us but for now the basic part has been awesome to then really appreciate those extra things 😉

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