Gnaraloo Station

Our second stop on our trip was Gnaraloo Station, a remote campsite north of Carnarvon. We did not know too much about this location other than the fact that when we booked they told us more than one night was recommended, so we booked two.

Once we turned off the road onto the dirt/gravel/sometimes sand track we understood why. An hour and 15 drive according to my GPS and a 4 hour and 15 minute drive according to Alex’s GPS took us just over 2 hours.

The 2 something hours seemed like forever and a day, but finally we arrived in the dark…again, having to search for our bay in the pitch black. We drove around for a bit, but in the end Lianne got out and found our bay within minutes.

We definitely learned our lesson, knowing we need to research a little more into where we are heading and how to get there when it is off the beaten track haha.

All set up we cooked our first camp meal, we definitely did Jamie Oliver proud with this one don’t you think?

Carbonara with chorizo and a spinach, mint, orange and manchego cheese.


From our camp spot we could hear the ocean but had no clear indication of how close it was to our tents until we woke in the morning, the view from our tent was spectacular!

We spent the day at Gnaraloo Bay, north of the camping ground, which we had to ourselves almost the whole day, bar a few boats being launched. Of course I got burnt and of course Alex and Lianne with their beautiful European skin did not and I promise we all had sun cream on!

The rest of our stay was spent sitting around a fire, listening to the waves crash and cooking our second amazing meal. Oh and Alex took a pretty sick picture of the stars over our camp.




One thought on “Gnaraloo Station

  1. geweldig! die diepdonkere sterrennacht moet ik og eens goed bekijken, omdat ik de sterrem niet goed kan zien 😜 have a great and safe trip, youall and it is great to read your blog with pics! thank you for doing that!


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