Now with a plan, lets tour the South Island of #New Zealand!

As the title suggests, now with a plan, we were ready to conquer the south island!

We left our lovely eco campsite in Little River and made our way out of the peninsula that it sat in, back to Christchurch. We brought some more food, because really the day before when we had all met up and shopped, we only got one nights supplies. But once we stocked up, we left the city and headed south of the city

The first stop for the day, after a spectacular drive towards the snowy mountains and then down into them, we arrived at Arundel-Rakaia Gorge just outside the town of Geraldine. And as you can see by the scenery, you can understand why it’s an amazing place to stop!




We stopped there to have some lunch, and went for a hike along the water, through the forest, to a lookout. We in fact never made it to the hill top, because the majority of the walk was up hill and seriously steeply, but we got pretty close. And really these pictures we took along the walk give you and gave us plenty of view, even if they don’t quite do the location justice.




That day it was warm, the sun was shining and it could have been in the mid 20s, but when hiking, with it all uphill, we definitely worked up a sweat. This made the colour of the water all the more enticing!

Once we finished our hike we then drove towards and then through Geraldine. From there we only then stopped in the town of Fairly, where we would be staying the night. We checked into the local caravan park, got our spots set up and then went for a small walk into town. It wasn’t far, maybe 5 minutes. We stopped in at the visitors center, just to ask if there was anything in the town or surrounding we should see before we left the next day. The man working there simply said there was nothing in or surrounding the town, except Lake Tekapo which was a while away and the towns bakery. Well thank you very much kind sir, we will then not be staying very long the next day.

After our very quick blink view of the town, we went back to the caravan park and settled in for the night. That always includes cooking, playing board games and drinking some form of alcohol, this night it was a mix of Lemoncello and Sambuca, the ushg of course.


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