When the duo become the Fantastic Four!

Today was the day! The day where we would go from Alex and I to Bob, Leonne, Alex and I! Wooohoo!

Alex’s brother and his girlfriend were also in New Zealand, conveniently the same time as us, or us conveniently at the same time as them… And because of that amazing chance we teamed up.

Alex and I started our day by fare welling our lovely Airbnb host and catching an Uber to our hire car company: Spaceships. After picking up our car, which we will detail in a post all about the car later on, we headed to the supermarket where we would be meeting the others. We arrived at Countdown, which is essentially Woolworths if you are familiar with Australia, and were welcomed by the sight of Bob and Leonne. We parked next to their giant van, which it was in comparison to ours, and went inside to stock up on food for the beginning of our journey!


After the necessary stockup and catchup in between isles, we decided to take them somewhere for lunch. If you have read our post: Our first time in Christchurch, what did we do? you would have a somewhat idea of where we went, but because the place was so amazing of course I will share it again!

The Little High Eatery was our destination, and on the menu was pizza, sushi, dumplings, Thai and burger, pretty much every food option in the venue. We definitely enjoyed the awesome venue Alex and I had found the day before, and after that we were off.

For our first night together on the #NewZealandTrip we drove in the direction of Akaroa and the Bays. Bob had an awesome app and found an eco caravan park we could stay at in the town just before Akaroa, so we headed to the town of Little River. When we arrived the owner was there to welcomed and showed us around, as well as gave us some recommendations for whilst we were visiting Akaroa. With a spot secured for the night we all climbed into Alex and I’s Spaceship and drove to the first recommendation. That was in fact a bar/restaurant on a hillside only a half hour drive up the mountain from where we were camping. It turned out Akaroa was in fact a very long and windy drive away, and so we chose to view the town from this awesome bar thanks to our campsite owners recommendations.


We enjoyed a beer, took some awesome pictures, which was our first major picturesque scenery stop in New Zealand.


After that beverage we headed back to our campsite to enjoy the last of the days sun up on a hilltop within the park, another recommendation. We parked next to Bob and Leonne’s car and went for a hike. It was a small one and definitely worth the view.



We enjoyed another beer there and then slowly headed to our cars to cook our first dinner together, as well as Alex and I’s first dinner using our cars facilities. This specifically involved using two gas burners with then a BBQ plate on top. We somehow couldn’t figure out the BBQ and so made do with what we had. It turned out great, I mean I cooked so you know…


Afterwards we ended the day with playing cards and drinking Lemoncello in Bob and Leonne’s car, as well as planning out our two weeks ahead together. We also enjoyed all using our first eco toilet, where you have a pit and throw a cup full of wood chips in when you do a number two, definitely an interesting concept…

And then the first nights sleep in our car began…


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