Whitsundays time! First stop Hamilton Island.

Anyone ever been to Hamilton Island or the Whitsundays before?

For all of us, this was our first trip out there!

We had no real idea what to expect but my goodness we could not contain our excitement! This was definitely an anticipated part of our trip overall and with Chris and Annette. You just have to stumble upon a picture on Insta to know it’s a beautiful place and a must see.

Our boat left Airlie Beach around 9:30am, which sailed along the coast and between a number of islands before we reach Hamilton Island.

On arrival to the island we were met by our ‘island’ host, who gave us the keys to a golf buggy, which Alex drove. We were all buzzing when we realised our form of transport on the island was a buggy!

Anyways back to it. Our host directed and drove us up some extremely steep hills to our apartment. Chris had booked us all into the Pinnacle Apartments, which sat overlooking the water with spectacular views.


After dropping our bags off, we instantly headed out to explore, and of course in the buggy. Our first stop was to Bob’s bakery, the name drew us in. We got ourselves some lunch and sat just across the road on some bench’s next to the Habour. Right away we were welcomed by some very curious cockatoos, which proceeded to not only try eat our food, we may have encouraged that slightly by giving them a crumb here and there… But they also tried to undress Annette in the process.




Once we were fed, and after escaping the swarm of birds, we spent the rest of the afternoon looking around the islands main strip of shops, as well as booking tours for the rest of our time on the island.

In total we would be there for 4 days. So we planned to have one full day of relaxation, the next day out on a boat exploring some snorkeling spots on the inner reef and Whithaven Beach. Then spending our last day again out on a boat but in a different way, which included a night out on the Great Barrier Reef!

With everything booked we headed back to our apartment and started up the BBQ. Since we were on an island, we felt inspired to cook seafood. So Chris and Alex brought an array of delicious items that we began cooking throughout the evening, bbqing Dutch style.

On the way home after our day exploring we noticed the buggy smelt aweful, like burnt rubber. We called the emergency line and they sent someone over to have a look. They then took the buggy away for a while. Meanwhile we continued to have our BBQ and enjoy the sunset.


Part way through our dinner, Chris got up to get the next piece of seafood and then came back outside. There were a number of mosquitoes around and so he closed the door as we had been all evening and since we arrived. He cooked up the item, which I think was prawns, sat down and we enjoyed eating it and drinking wine for quite some time.

It wasn’t until one of us got up to inside, either get the remainder of the seafood, or to use the bathroom, that we realised we could not get back inside. Ops somehow the sliding door had locked us outside, on the balcony, and it was dark…

Funny enough we all had our phones with us and wine so we were ok. We finally located the emergency number on the apartments website and gave them a call. They were a little surprised and sent someone over right away. Luckily it wasn’t too fresh outside.

One of their staff came and unlocked us from the balcony, she had a little giggle with us and was also baffled, as were we, as to how it had happened. But oh well it is a good story to share.

Our second day on Hamilton Island did not start off to plan. Our buggy had been returned from it’s issue the night before, which was that thee break pad was continuously pressed down causing it to smell. That morning our buggy then decided to stall itself a number of times whilst driving down the hill towards the bakery. It just did not want to go. Alex called the hotel management who came to collect it and have a look.

We were a little stranded but it did not stop us from visiting the bakery. After a coffee and a little treat we all made the treck back up the hill, which was not little in any way.

After some time the buggy was ‘fixed’ and so we took it for a drive down to the main beach; Catseye Beach.



That afternoon was spent basking in the sun, Alex and Chris snorkeling the bay, and a little beach tennis. Once the sun disappeared over the hill we headed on back to our apartment.

We glammed up and first went out for drinks. Afterwards we headed to the most delicious Italian restaurant; Romanos.



Seriously amazing food, which of course included seafood and then of course a tiramisu for Alex.

The dinner and the day definitely made up the mornings buggy problems that’s for sure!


2 thoughts on “Whitsundays time! First stop Hamilton Island.

  1. It looks like ages ago but we are reading this message like it was yesterday. It is and was a Fantastic time and when we close our eyes we are still there (i wish)

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