Ok…it’s time to say goodbye to Bali

andaontour at Old Man's

Our last day in Bali!

We had only been there for 4 days but it felt as if we’d been there much longer. It may have a lot to do with the fact that this trip was just a little snippet of a even larger trip, which we would continue when back in Australia. It may also have been the fact that we went to Bali to get a visa and in the end also had an amazing holiday.

Either way this trip came to an end and we had only 24 hours left to enjoy.

We decided that since neither of us had visited Canggu before, we would spend the day there. At first we wanted to hire a motorbike and drive ourselves around for the day. However with our lack of planning we did not feel knowledgable enough about the process of hiring one to go through with it that morning, so we took a taxi.

I had researched a number of trendy places that other bloggers had recommended, so our first stop was The Shady Shack; a little organic vegan café with a real surfie vibe. We ordered ourselves a smoothy and smoothy bowl which we pretty tasty.

With second breakfast complete, we walked around the area of The Shady Shack, where a number of other recommended cafes and restaurants were situated. We walked all the way down to the coast and to Old Man’s Beach Club where we decided to have a coffee. With great music playing in the background and views of surfers in the water, it was easy to see why it was a popular destination for many reasons.

The ocean looked inviting and had some pretty serious waves, and the sand was charcoal black providing a real contrast to beaches we are used to back in Australia. In Holland well…if you have been there you know what I mean…..

With a recharge from some coffee we walked back up the road until we scored a taxi, who took us to Finn’s Beach Club. It was a long walk away because you had to walk around the river, or take a taxi, it became clearer to us that in Canggu you need a motorbike to get around.

At Finn’s Beach Club you paid to get in and that admission fee became Finn’s $$ which you could use for food or drinks. We found a table with a view of the main pool, the beach and the DJ deck. A few fresh coconuts and some nibbles later we had fully bellys and were enjoying people watching.

andaontour at Finns Beach Club

After an hour or so of enjoying the views and entertaining people we decided to head back to Seminyak and relax by our hotel pool. It took us a while to get a taxi as the area all around Finn’s was owned and operated by their charter company. In the end we found a taxi who tried to cheat us a little but ended up reluctantly putting the meter on for us.

Back at our hotel we lounged by the pool with our phones, iPad and computer, because we have a use for every device nowadays. We stayed in those lounge chairs for quite a few hours.

When it began to get dark went out for dinner at our resident restaurant whilst we’d been in Bali, called Café Bali. We ordered the usual; satay, and savoured the taste of our last Bali meal for a while.

Back at the hotel, before our flight we thought it best to possibly have a shower. Conveniently enough they had pool showers, awesome right? Don’t worry they were closed off.

Afterwards we still had a number of hours before our flight left and incidently when our ride to the airport would leave. So we got out our devices again and sat on the lobby couches.

By this time we were getting a little tired, we had mostly been on our feet all day walking around Canggu in the sun. When we were finally dropped at the airport we were still a little too early to check in. Slightly inconvenient near midnight at an airport after a long day.

After waiting a while on a chair somewhere, we went through the many security checks at Bali airport and then walked around till we could board our flight back to Australia.

When we boarded the plane we were tired, I mean you can imagine us right? Sitting on the plane for once was a welcome break. And everyone knows Jetstar flights can be a little small and uncomfortable, we hardly noticed as our eyes shut as soon as we sat down.

Cheers Bali for everything you have and allowed us to enjoy, we shall be back!


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