The boat back to the mainland

When you are boarding a giant boat for 10 hours back to mainland Australia, the first thing you do is wake up ridiculously early. You then realise your in Devonport where nothing is open, due to it being Boxing Day, and that waking up early for breakfast, when you have none and nothing is open, … Continue reading The boat back to the mainland


Hobart and the Salamanca Markets

Hobart, the city of Tasmania and in fact a pretty awesome one at that! In previous blog posts we mentioned a bit about our experience free camping around Tasmania. That was awesome, something we would do again for sure, as we think it’s the best way to see the very green and nature orientated state. … Continue reading Hobart and the Salamanca Markets

We free camped our way around Tasmania and it was epic!

We arrived in Tasmania around 6 months into our journey around Australia and New Zealand. There was little we knew about the state in all honesty and we had planned absolutely nothing, other than our ticket on the boat too and from the state. But that is exactly how we wanted this part of our … Continue reading We free camped our way around Tasmania and it was epic!