A few days roaming around Rome…

Ahhhh Rome, the historical, beautiful, rustic city in Italy. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days there recently and well of course I got up to quite a number of things. I was in Rome to visit my aunt, she was in Europe for a month travelling and attending a conference. I … Continue reading A few days roaming around Rome…


Hobart and the Salamanca Markets

Hobart, the city of Tasmania and in fact a pretty awesome one at that! In previous blog posts we mentioned a bit about our experience free camping around Tasmania. That was awesome, something we would do again for sure, as we think it’s the best way to see the very green and nature orientated state. … Continue reading Hobart and the Salamanca Markets

Where we ate and drank in Christchurch

During the many adventures and stops we had in Christchurch, our forever hungry stomachs demanded delicious food. And I being a little nifty with searching on Instagram (just giving myself some credit there), found us some amazing places to eat. Places in all honesty we wouldn’t have found by looking in a tourist guide book, … Continue reading Where we ate and drank in Christchurch