Our adventures in and around Adelaide

Our last blog went through our very entertaining experience whilst staying in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, really if you haven’t ready it please give it a read we promise it is worth it!

After exhausting ourselves riding around in search of wine, we made our way to the next adventure on our journey. We found ourselves awake very very early and driving into the middle of what seemed like nowhere, in search of an airfield. You see our friend Wouter was about to partake in his first ever sky dive adventure.

Anyone else ever jumped out of a plane before??

With nerves high, we walked into the building and were welcomed by a very colourfully dressed man with an even brighter personality. With a little quirk I think he actually made the skydive center a lot of fun and a lot more relaxing!

After being suited up, Wouter was walked to the plane and then up they went. And then it was just Alex and I, our new colourful friend and some seriously spectacular blue skies.



And then it was time to jump!



If anyone has ever jumped out of a plane before, or even from a cliff like we did in New Zealand, which you can read about here and here then you understand that adrenaline rush and fear all at once, but then that amazing amount of relief when its all complete.  We could see all those emotions on Wouter’s face and I think I can say he was very happy he had made the decision to throw himself out of a plane at 14 thousand feet!

In celebration of this courageous morning, we all then drove straight to Adelaide and to an amazing Airbnb where we would then sleep in glorious beds for two whole nights! Two whole nights people, the joy was real!!!

We arrived at the house and were showed around by our lovely host. We had a whole wing of the house to ourselves, which we thoroughly took advantage of. But we also took advantage of being in another city and went exploring.

We took the train into the center and our first stop was the iconic Adelaide Central Markets. Food heaven really, with fresh grocers, plenty of little cafes, coffee shops and even a few vegan treat shops dotted around the place. We may have had a few too many coffees and a few too many treats but when on holidays right?!

After our indulgence we walked through the city exploring alleyways and the many bars that were calling to us. The city’s cycling tour way on so it was packed with tourists and you guessed it, many cyclists. So after a day of exploring we sought out shelter in a Korean BBQ restaurant. It was Wouter’s first time trying Korean BBQ and for us the first time since we had left Perth 7 months prior, so it was a nice dinner.

The next day we took another adventurous trip down to Glenelg Beach. It was a very warm day of 40 degrees so the beach was a pretty nice place to visit. We wandered around, walked along the sand and enviously looked at those swimming wishing we had brought our bathers with us. After a good hour of exploring, we had had enough of the heat and the crowds and decided to head back to the comfort of our Airbnb. The rest of the day we played board games and ordered in food which was another luxury of this part of our adventure.

And then it came to the end of Wouter’s time with us. Sadly after three wonderful weeks of travelling from Victoria, up to the center of Australia and then ending up in Adelaide, his holiday with us was over.

In those three weeks we had explored some seriously amazing places, like the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Kings Canyon, Uluru, Adelaide, and some not so amazing places but places that gave us some fun and entertaining experiences like that time we travelled through Port Augusta or Coober Pedy.

We hope that Wouter’s first time in Australia was as magical as we think it was and really enjoyed his company on this part of our journey!

Next stop the great long drive across the Nullabour.


2 thoughts on “Our adventures in and around Adelaide

  1. I can relate to your joyful comments when you get to sleep in a real bed. We did the Gibb River last year in a tent, with air mattresses, and only basic equipment, we had one night at in a real bed at the Mitchell Plataeu, and another in a bed at Fitzroy Crossing. Those beds were wonderful.

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