We have now visited every State and Territory in Aus! Also here is our 24 hours in Hahndorf.

We crossed the border (technically about 2.5 months ago) into South Australia! Yipeeeeee that means Alex and I have officially visited every state and territory in Australia!


We still had a few more borders to cross before we finished our trip around Australia and got back to Western Australia. But after 7 months of travelling around the country, we finally made it to our last state on the list, and it is definitely a pretty cool feeling. To know and say, yes we have been everywhere in Australia. Well we can say that now, but in that moment when we crossed the border, well it was a ‘we can say we’ve been everywhere soon’ kinda moment.

So we crossed the border. We were heading to Hahndorf, with very little food in our car now, after having to throw most of it away. You see we were silly enough to not realise SA had strict border security, and in our excitement to cross over we didn’t research. As a result, the weeks groceries we had purchased were unfortunately given away to the local bin. But that didn’t stop me from trying to eat whole punnet of cherry tomatoes, a capsicum and some fruit.

So with no food we continued on our journey. Excited to get to Hahndorf and see what it was like.

Along the way we passed some VERY SMALL towns, and yes being small made them stand out, but also so did the awesome art work on their silos. I may not have been able to capture it the way I wanted, but you can see how cool they are and how awesome it is to see when driving through a town in the middle of nowhere.


After what seemed like hours in the car, which really was hours in the car, we pulled into the main and only caravan park in Hahndorf. And really it was a pretty snazzy place. They had recently done the place up, renovating everything and creating new spots. We were pretty happy to see the place, firstly because we had secured a spot, the last available for that night, but also because it was way fancier than we had thought. After spending the last few nights camping freely, without showers and flushing toilets, you can understand the wonder we had in our eyes.

Straight away we went to set up our tents. But as soon as that was done, we practically ran to the showers. It may have not been very environmentally friendly of me but I probably had at least a 10minute shower. After a few days of no showers in the sweltering heat, as well as our hike that morning***, you can understand.

After our 5 star showers, we all donned some clean clothes and thought, why not walk into town, get some dinner and drinks. After all Hahndorf was known for being a mini German village in the Adelaide hills, and German = beer!

The only problem we were faced with was the distance of the walk into town…So after some deliberating, i.e. all of us deciding to hell with walking, we packed up our rooftop tent and drove into town.

By this time it was around 7:30pm, so for a small town there was not a lot open. But lucky enough we located a pretty busy and funky looking pub, that also conveniently served vegan options (yay for me).

So first order of business was to get beer. And this pub not only served beer, but beer towers. Yep a tower of beer.


After the men enjoyed the tower of beer and we all ate way too much good food, we retired back to our luxury campsite, set up our rooftop tent again and went to bed happy.

The next morning when we woke we all concluded that maybe we wanted to stay another night in Hahndorf, rest and have another fun night out. However when trying to book another night in caravan park paradise, we were turned down because it was full.

So we packed up and decided to go out for breakfast instead. Why not indulge whilst there for 24 hours!

I did my thing and looked up some options, until I stumbled on the one. This cute wholefoods café that served, yep you knew it, vegan options. We chose a seat inside and in the shade because it was bloody warm and all ordered pancakes, the men normal ones and me the special ones.


After smashing our food, which was delicious, I noticed I felt a little unwell. All of a sudden the room was stifling hot and I felt dizzy. We paid our bill and walked outside hoping for some air. It was non existent and warm so I thought, why not try walk a bit and see if I felt better. Nope something was definitely not right, I just felt off for sure and so half way to the car I sat on a bench here and then at a table there. A 5 minute walk turned into 15 and once we got to the car, instead of touring the rest of Hahndorf, we got in, me in the back and off we went. In that moment I closed my eyes and slept for a bit. When I woke up some time after I felt a bit better but overall weird weird weird.

The rest of our day was spent driving through back roads in the direction of Port Augusta. But you can read all about that adventure in our next post.


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