Off to Holland we go…

Today we are off on another adventure. Today we are leaving a very big part of our lives, the place I have grown up, the place we have lived together for the last 4 years, the country we just spent 7 months travelling around, and most importantly we are leaving our friends and my beautiful family.

This is definitely not an easy or nice post to write, but its important to talk about the hard things. And this is hard.

But in saying that we are definitely not leaving in any way at all, because it is not goodbye in any way!!! It is ‘we’ll see you very soon’, it’s ‘we’ll talk every day still’ and it’s ‘we’ll be home for a visit soon’. Andddd it’s ‘you will be there to visit very soon’!

Today we are flying to Holland. Today we are embarking on an extremely exciting and new adventure for the both of us, one we have decided to do together and one we are actually very much looking forward to and have been for some time. But that doesn’t take away the difficulty in deciding to do that or actually doing it. After all my wonderful fiancé Alex made the same move over to Australia a few years back and that was just as hard for him and family.

And I am sure when this post goes live, we will all have tears and be a little sad but its also a reminder that adventure is exciting, change is exciting and really we are less than a day away.

So in posting this, we want to share that this new adventure, of us heading over to Holland and seeing what life is like there for the both of us, will be a challenge, will surely be different and difficult, but its one we know we are ready for, one we need to do.

Just as Australia is a massive part of who we are together, so is Holland.

So whilst we are probably in the air somewhere over an ocean, probably with many emotions, know that Australia is home to us as is Holland. And we very much look forward to finding out what its like living there, after having the most amazing opportunity in doing that in Australia.

Bring on a very big change, a very exciting change and one we know will shape our future in whichever way it happens.

Meanwhile we will still keep posting about the remainder of our trip around Australia, along with any other adventures we get up to once we have arrived on the other side of the world!


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