The boat back to the mainland

When you are boarding a giant boat for 10 hours back to mainland Australia, the first thing you do is wake up ridiculously early. You then realise your in Devonport where nothing is open, due to it being Boxing Day, and that waking up early for breakfast, when you have none and nothing is open, was a very bad plan. Because now your too early to board the boat, but also your starving…

That sups up at least the first hour of our morning Boxing Day. And I make it sound a lot worse than it is, because well that’s story telling. But honestly we were hungry and really could have slept a little longer.

Never mind, we were up and off to the boat. Our car was checked and cleared, after some time in the line, but given we were so early, we were very quickly on board.

Once parked we made our way up to our cabin. We had booked a cabin for on the way back, because they had a deal when booking our tickets, and it was a 10.5 hour boat ride, sitting in a chair just wasn’t on.

With our stuff dumped in our room, we went in search of food. There were only a few options on board, but as soon as they opened for service, we grabbed a plate of super simple and slightly bleh food and dug in. That would sustain us for a little bit.

From there we went and brought movie tickets, because on the ship they had two cinemas! We hadn’t tried them out on the way over to Tasmania because it was an overnight cruise, but given it was 7am and we were widely awake, movies sounded awesome.

In the end we brought tickets to two movies; minions 3 and the latest Thor film.

We had a few hours before the first movie started so we had a nap in our cabin, as you do in the morning. Then when it was time we made our way to the cinema and lined up to see minions 3. It became clear we would be the only people above the age of 10 seeing the film, but we didn’t care, it was funny. And the movie was good, after all aren’t kids films really made for adults?!

Afterwards we napped again and then it was our afternoon movie time. We weren’t the oldest in that cinema so that was great.

And then believe it or not, time flew by and we were back in Port Melbourne. We decided that seeing two movies had definitely broken our day up and made 10.5 hours seem like nothing.

In the end our journey back on the Spirit of Tasmania was much smoother than our journey too Tasmania on it. If you haven’t read about our adventurous boat journey then please do so here.

Our arrival back into Melbourne was mid evening, just in time to eat! But before that we had to drive an hour out of the city to my cousin’s house. Another very interesting story we will share with you next. But to his house we went, where our Uber eats awaited us yay!


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