Goodbye NZ travel buddies, it was a blast!

Unfortunately all amazing things come to an end, and in our case and this blog posts, our trip with Alex’s brother Bob and girlfriend Leonne was at its last today (cue tears).

Yesterday we had celebrated Bob’s birthday with a surprise drive across the south island of New Zealand to Christchurch, where we had an awesome night out on the town.

The thing is, that yesterday was not Bob’s birthday. Today was. And given it was also our last day together on this trip, we couldn’t just say ‘ok bye’.

So after packing their many bags and us all vacating our amazing mansion of an Airbnb, we went on the hunt for some breakfast. I did some Insta searching and the first few I found turned out to be closed, however I then located a pretty cool looking spot.

We ended up at a cute café called Happy Sunday. We arrived and had to wait for a table for a while, because we hadn’t realised beforehand, but it was in fact a public holiday for the city of Christchurch. Not to worry, they gave us coffee’s and a menu to drool over.

By the time we were seated we had our orders memorized, and it was a delicious feast to end all feasts had on our trip together.




After indulging on food, we then all headed into the center where we all walked around and saw the sites in the daylight.

We spent a few hours looking around and enjoying our last few hours together. But then the time came, we dropped their car off and drove them to the airport. And yes it was technically ‘goodbye’, but with Alex and I we never like to say goodbye, but ‘we will see you very soon’. And soon we would see them, when we make the big trip over to The Netherlands!

A very relaxed last day spent together was perfect, just as our holiday together had been. Alex and I still remember waiting to speak with Bob and Leonne about their trip, to find out if they would like to catch up with us, who would also be in New Zealand at the same time. Happily they said yes and wanted to spend all their time in the south with us, and we couldn’t have been happier.

An amazing holiday with the four of us that had so many adventures and so many good times. We are so thankful to have spent two amazing weeks with Bob and Leonne travelling New Zealand, it is definitely a highlight in our adventures and one we wouldn’t have done any other way.

Thank you guys for making this trip, we can’t wait for more in the future!


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