The ‘Garden of Eden’ does exist!

Would you believe that on the New South Wales coast, in the south and more specifically near the Victorian border, is a town called Eden? Now ok that isn’t really a crazy thing to get worked up over, but when Alex and I drove into town and saw one of the main caravan parks names, well it was definitely a funny surprise in a way.

The Garden of Eden would be our home for a night. And in terms of caravan parks, based on the ones we have stayed in around Australia thus far, it was definitely an Eden of sorts.

Not only did they have the essentials we needed; an in-door campers kitchen with a couch! A TV! An OVEN OMG!!! And free unlimited Wi-Fi, I mean really generational heaven! But the place also had a tennis court and mini golf course, where you could use the gear and play for free. They had trees and grass and it was all so pretty, but lets face it, Wi-Fi, an oven and mini golf = heaven on earth for campers!

So after checking in for one night, we dropped our car up the back in an enormous space with no one around us, and went to play mini-golf. Now there was a clear winner in both rounds we played, but instead of giving that away I would like to enjoy reading your guesses below. Let’s see who you think has the skills!

After some very awesome or disappointing golf, depends on which one of us you are, we played a bit of tennis, or shall I say we (I) attempted to. During that time the sun decided to come out, which was lovely, except for the jeans and jumpers we were wearing. So we didn’t play tennis for all that long.

That afternoon we also went to the towns lookout and saw a few whales in the distance. It’s as if they are following us, seriously!

I’d just like to point out that we love whales and have been so fortunate to see them everywhere we have stopped whilst on the East Coast of Australia! It’s just we have seen so many it’s become the norm, almost like seeing a dead kangaroo on the side of the road. Not a great comparison at all really but we have had the same odds. And if you have been to Australia you know there is always a very high chance of seeing some dead roos whilst driving country.

But back to it. Once we were back in the caravan park, we decided to take all of our devices into the kitchen, charge them up and enjoy the glorious couch they had. No one else came into the kitchen for hours, so we enjoyed space and Wi-Fi all to ourselves. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the couch and eating food, real Garden of Eden stuff.

The next day it was supposedly going to rain up to 15mm, so we intended on waking early, packing up before it began and then continuing on to another town somewhere further south. That was a great plan, except for the fact that when we woke early it was raining quite hard, and so we weren’t going anywhere. We slept a bit more until we woke and realised checkout was 10am and it was 9:30am already, woops! From bed I called reception for the caravan park and booked us in for another night, it was a 2 minute walk away…

We stayed in bed a little longer until we got hungry and coincidentally the rain stopped. A short walk all uphill took us to the town center, where we found a cute café for breakfast; Sprout. After that we did some grocery shopping, considering we had an oven, I was going to take full advantage of that and make sweet potato chips!

After our morning town visit, we literally spent the whole day and evening in the campers kitchen. Now we didn’t get too lazy, we played games, watched some TV, I did some blogging and eventually when the time came we cooked dinner.

Right about that time a group of 6 older people also came into the campers kitchen and started to cook their dinner. They were farmers from north Victoria, were quite chatty and were cooking a lamb from one of their farms for dinner.

They were quite cute really, they gave us some of their champagne, which was in fact the real stuff. And of course they refused to let us drink it out of our metal camping mugs! Instead we were given beer glasses they found and enjoyed a nice drink together whilst cooking.

Now we were cooking a nice veggie themed dish, with Alex also cooking up some fresh fish, given we were in a fishing town. Our older friends thought it was quite funny that I was making Alex eat so many veggies, and so in the end they in fact offered and gave him some of their lamb leg roast.

We enjoyed a really nice and delicious meal, with Alex having the best of both worlds with his fresh local fish and local lamb, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed a big plate of veggies and seriously good roasted sweet potato chips. Seriously they are #life!

After all the dishes were done, the oldies invited us back to their cabin to have desert. We did not know what to do, not wanting to impose but also happy to now let them go. But in the end our politeness won out and we joined them for a few moments.

Once back in our tent we check the weather for the next day. Our tent had survived the rain and would have been dry in time to pack up for the next day, except that the rain would start up again that evening. We went to sleep thinking we would be fine and be able to pack up. We were wrong!

It rained heavily most of the night and was cold in the morning. So what did we do all day you ask? Well we ‘camped out’ in the campers kitchen again, doing the same thing as the day before. We definitely caught up on our blogs and downloads.

That evening when cooking dinner, another young couple were there and we started chatting. In the end they ate with us and the rest of the evening was spent chatting about travelling Australia and playing cards. It was lovely to meet some people our age, not that oldies are bad. And it was also nice to have a break form screens for a bit, given our two days in doors fixed to them.

Our third morning waking up in the Garden of Eden was in fact wonderfully warm! We packed up our gear and headed on out of town, thanking it for its hospitality and shelter whilst it bucketed down and we were dry, inside, with an oven and free unlimited Wi-Fi!


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