Some picturesque towns along the coast of NSW


Following on from our last post: We visited Wentworth Falls, the Royal National Park, and of course Figure 8 Pools, that involved some unfortunately funny moments, we now head south again along the NSW coast line. We ended up in the town of Kiama, where we booked into the Big4 caravan park. It was more like a town itself given the parks size, seriously it was massive and almost fully booked! We got a spot thankfully, right behind the water park and in between a family celebrating a birthday, and a Korean family who sung karaoke all night. It was an entertaining night.

Whilst we set up the family celebrating a birthday were fascinated with our tent set up, telling us a one point that they were timing us and we had done petty well. With that boost of confidence, Alex and I cracked open a bottle of wine. Before we drank the whole bottle, we decided while it was light, as we had arrived in the afternoon, that we should clean the car just a little. The car was not particularly dirty, but that morning we had discovered that my laptop case was drenched through, with my laptop inside it…

We found the reason behind the leakage, a bottle of rum under the passenger seat had somehow leaked its contents, which incidentally was soaked up by my great laptop case. Luckily my laptop was fine, my case however stunk so bad of rum! So our cleaning efforts were focused on a specific area, and after a wash soapy bath the carpet looked alright, the smell of rum was gone and my laptop case was having a long soak in hot soapy water.

After that we spent the evening looking at destinations in New Zealand for our upcoming trip and finishing a bottle of wine. We also enjoyed the lovely sounds of the karaoke next to us.

The next day we packed up our gear in our cleanish car and drove into town. We saw there was a local market on, so we walked through it and then stopped off at the local fish shop to get dinner.

We spent the rest of the day in the car driving south towards Jervis Bay.


Our destination was Jervis Bay. Alex had seen some amazing photos of the beaches and so we thought one night there would be nice. That was until we got closer and realised that Jervis Bay was its own territory and we would have to pay a lot of money to enter the park, as well as stay one night. So we back tracked a little to the town of Huskisson. There we found a nice caravan park on the beach, so we booked one night. We had arrived midday because our original plan involved sightseeing and beach hoping in Jervis Bay. Instead we walked along the beach and boardwalk of Huskisson. It was a really nice afternoon where the sun was coming out just a little.

Luckily it was warm because the caravan park we were in did not have a campers kitchen or a space for us to sit. So we cooked outside next to our car. Whilst cooking we called with Alex’s brother Bob and his girlfriend Leonne. We would be in New Zealand at the same time as them and so we were planning our upcoming adventures. All the while Alex and I are cooking. I forgot to put a vital ingredient in the dish, being nicely distracted and all, and so we had an interesting meal when it was done. And by that time the sun had gone down, it got really cold, and so we were a little naughty and ate in our tent.

As you imagine, the next day we packed up and got on the road again.

Batemans Bay that turned into Batehaven Bay

Destination Batemans Bay. We had heard from our neighbours in Kiama that Batemans bay was a lovely spot to visit, so there we went.

When we arrived the town itself was a little average, but a little drive further south brought us to the town of Batehaven Bay.

We booked into the towns caravan park which was situated right on the water, and right across the road from all the towns shops. It was a very small town.

With a spot to sleep for the night, we left the car and walked across the road to the towns bakery. We had heard that they had free Wi-Fi and we have been without it for some time so we thought we would give it a try. Alex ate some lunch there also, because in the end we probably stayed there a good 2-3 hours, just using their Wi-Fi. In fact I think I uploaded two weeks worth of blogs and downloaded about 5 movies on Netflix. Thank you Batehaven Bakery!

That evening we sat in the parks campers kitchen, playing games until an older couple came in. The kitchen was small and so they started speaking with us. We realised quickly that they were from WA, specifically Cowarramup, the cow town in Margaret River we always drive through on our way down south. In the end we learnt that they were also on a long drive around Australia, and that they were visiting similar destinations to us. They had just gotten back for a small trip to New Zealand, and so we got a few location tips.

After a nice chat, and them eating their dinner, we thought we would go get stuff to cook our own dinner. We had everything with us, except when we went back to the kitchen the door had been locked. So again we cooked dinner outside, in the cold and then ate it in our tent. This time we enjoyed a movie whilst we ate, which made dinner a little fancy given our lack of movies and screens in a while.

After dinner we went out of the tent to clean our dishes. Whilst climbing down the ladder, Alex noticed a man who was in a caravan next to us, walking around naked. It was late at night but not that late and the campsite had spot lights everywhere, so we were a little grossed out by this. However I felt instantly bad because the reason he was outside was because he was turning the tap back on, supposedly for water in his caravan. I had in fact turned the tap off because in the middle of the day it was gushing out from a leak and no one was there. At the time I did not think much of it, that whoever was in the caravan would turn it on in the afternoon when they got back and noticed. Well I was wrong and felt quite bad about shutting their water off #opps.

The next day the weather seemed to have improved from our last few days of only a little sun. In fact it was gloriously warm. So Instead of checking out, we booked a second night and spent the day lounging in the sun. We were so lazy, it was awesome!

That evening we were a little earlier and made sure we could cook in the campers kitchen before it closed. We had a nice night, without any taps turned off or any more naked old men #thankfully.

The next day we set off in the direction of Canberra, #thenationscapital.


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