Getting ‘blown away’ in the Blue Mountains

If you have been following our previous posts, you would have seen that over the past week we had made our way through some country towns in the middle-ish of New South Wales. The last town we had been in was Orange, a beautiful town filled with fruit and wine, what more do you want really?! From there we made our way up into the Blue Mountains, specifically heading to the town of Katoomba.

Alex and I had visited Katoomba only 8 months prior with his brother and girlfriend, to explore the famous three sisters. And even though we had seen the town and sisters before, in fact I had even been there as a kid also, it was just as spectacular to see it again. The view you receive when you look out from the platform is just breathtaking.



With a little tourist fix, we located the only caravan park in town and headed there. It was located down a steep hill near Katoomba Falls, and our spot specifically was positioned down a little couldasac in the park, in between two cricket pitches. In other words it was in a very open space in the caravan park, which is relevant for later on.

We left our car there and decided to walk up the hill, in fact many steep hills, into town. We intended on visiting Sydney and so wanted to get some train cards in preparation, as well as explore the town of course.

The walk was all up hill and we took us some time, mostly because my wonderful man hates walking and took his sweet ass time stopping every few steps. But it was a really nice walk. We definitely took in a look more of our surroundings as we went along.

After a little exploration in town, which is beautiful with all its old buildings, we happily walked back to the caravan park all downhill. We cooked dinner and then drove just that little bit too late to see the sun set over the mountains. But we did not miss out because without the sun it just highlighted the reason behind the name. Everything was stunning shades of blue and although my picture does not do it justice, it shows you how blue the mountains really are.


After some sightseeing we went back and set up our tent. That night it was meant to rain a little so we got it up just in time before that occurred, thankfully!

It was an early night for us because the next day we would venture into Sydney by train. It was a two hour journey and so to ensure we would make the most of our trip into the city, we intended on waking up early. That was until certain circumstances, such as mother nature, got in the way of our early rise, or ensured we rose earlier than expected.

But you will have to wait for that story! Check out our blog in two days when it will be up: How we visited Sydney in 12ish hours!


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