There may or may not be a town named after me….

Yes there is a town named after my family, or maybe we are named after the town, or maybe neither of those options and its just a coincidence…either way it was super cool to be visiting the town of Forbes, because well I am a Forbes.

Now as we entered town we came across a very responsible sign stating that people should stop often and rest between driving. Alex really enjoyed this sign, he thought it was quite hilarious.


Now back to our visit….I had in fact visited this town before with my parents when I was younger, I did not have much of a memory from our stay there, other than our visit to the local bakery. So where did Alex and I go when we first arrived into town, the bakery of course.

We smashed down some lunch and then went to search for the towns Big4 caravan park. It was this cute little park with trees everywhere. I was a little excited to check in because all parks ask for your full name, and I’d have to give my last name in a town with the same name. I was giggling days before just thinking about it, so when it came to giving my name at check in, it was just that bit more hilarious. The lady who owned the park laughed and told me that she met so many people with the last name Forbes who came to the town just because of that reason. Well there goes being special haha, but we got a nice discount because of my last name so #bonus!

After we found a spot at the back of the park under a tree, having the entire space all to ourselves, we just laid out on the grass and chilled for the entire afternoon. Other than the serious amount of tiny bugs flying around and landing on us, it was a perfect afternoon.


Now not only did we have practically half of he caravan park to ourselves, but they also had an epic kitchen! There was a massive BBQ, then they had a pizza oven, and then an awesome couch and table right in front of a big TV. We set ourselves on the couch and in front of the screen for the entire evening. We cooked a yummy dinner whilst watching cooking shows. It may sound terribly boring to some, but man we loved it, just the chance to veg out for a bit was great.

The next morning we did the same thing, taking as much time to make breakfast as possible. And because it was light w discovered just behind the kitchen was a vegetable and herb garden open for people to use. I was so excited by this and found us some fresh spinach and herbs for our breakfast.


In the end we may not have explored the town of Forbes at all, or experienced much of what it had to offer, but the town and I share a name so we knew it would alright. And in the end, doing not much actually made this towns stop a highlight in some way.


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