We found a little slice of heaven: Emerald Beach, NSW

It was time to head back to the coast! We had spent 5 days out in the ‘bush’ and wanted to see, smell, and be near the ocean again, whilst also hoping the weather was a little warmer and better than the continuous rain we’d just had.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty much the same when we arrived in Emerald Beach, but it was a beautiful spot to stop that we didn’t care too much.

Just north of Coffs Habour we had searched for caravan parks and found a Big4/Discovery Park which was right on the beach. We checked in set up and then decided to go find the beach.


We did not realise just how close the beach was, walking only 200m behind out tent and arriving here;


Whilst walking along the beach we noticed in the distance a number of kangaroos on the hill, so we headed in that direction. When we got to the hill we realised just how many kangaroos there were, just chilling, completely un-phased by our presence. We were the opposite, completely excited by the number of kangaroos there were and taking a hundred or so pictures. Ok slight exaggeration, but we took a lot!



After photo bombing the kangaroos and taking ridiculously awesome photos of them on the beautiful coastline, we went for a little walk further up the coast. We saw more kangaroos and took more photos. It was awesome! And to top of the sight and number of kangaroos around on the cliff facing the ocean, we also saw whales breaching just behind the surfers! Emerald Beach was becoming a favourite spot within the first hour of arriving.

That evening we relaxed in the camper’s kitchen and made friends with another travelling couple. They were lovely and told us of how they had camped in the snow a few weeks prior in Canberra whilst they worked over the snow season. We thought it was quite cool and an adventure we had never considered doing, nor something we would probably do, haha but nevertheless cool.

After a good nights sleep we decided to leave Emerald Beach and check out Coffs Habour. Alex and I were maybe expecting a large town, but it was a cute small area right on the coast. We walked around a little bit, had some lunch and then decided to head back to the beautiful spot of Emerald Beach. On the way back north we of course stopped in to see the big banana, and Alex tried the famous banana milkshake that my dad said we had to try. He loved it and we can tick seeing the big banana off our list of giant things in Australia. We have also seen the big prawn, orange and maybe others I cant even remember.

The afternoon was spent on Emerald Beach, lying in the sun, watching surfers and whales jumping only 200m off the coast, it was spectacular! The weather not only improved from the day before and ones before that, but we saw whales again!

We loved Emerald Beach and are thankful for somehow finding it and choosing to stay there over Coffs Habour!


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