Our one night stop in Surfers Paradise

The famous stretch of beach that so many people rave about. Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast was our next destination. Unfortunately for us, we were arriving mid school holidays, week 2 for Queensland and week 1 for New South Wales and Victoria, yay…

That meant that not only was it insanely busy on the roads with people coming and going, but everything was also booked out along the coast. We called into a few caravan parks only to be told that they were fully booked, some until the end of October and it was the first week of September!!! We finally found one in the suburb of Miami that had a place and so we booked one nights stay. When we arrived and drove through the boom gate to our spot, we found it occupied, so of course not empty…strange….I went to reception and let them know. They were a little confused at first but then realised that somehow the people on the site had originally booked to stay one extra night but then changed their mind and their booking with them. In the system it had noted this change, but the people had possibly forgotten this change and or just decided to chance it and stay that extra night. Either way we were without a place to sleep the night…

The receptionist was so lovely, she called a handful of other caravan parks, both north and south of them to see if there were any spaces available. Finally she found a spot free at Tellebudgera Caravan park right in Burleigh Heads.

Happy we had somewhere to stay, as the sun was going down, we made our way there. The park was insane, we had never been to such a big caravan park and it was almost fully booked, so we had been lucky to secure a spot. We also seemed to be the only rooftop tenters in the park, because a number of people and kids stopped to look at the tent and inspect what it was all about. Of course we love showing off our tent and were proud to see how curious people were.

As it was school holidays the place was filled with children, so Alex and I kept to our selves on our little spot, cooking dinner, enjoying it a little comfortably and heading to bed slightly early. We are not oldies yet so early for us is still after 10:30, and we celebrated that night in securing a place to stay of course, but also because I had received my graduation certificate from Curtin. I was now officially a Master of being a student and a bottle of wine was a good way to toast to that life moment!


The next day we wanted to go back into Surfers to walk along the boardwalk, just to say we had been. We found parking and went for a nice walk along the beach, seeing whales jump in the distance off the coast.

After that I wanted to go check out a few places, which may have included Ashy Bine’s gym and a health food store, much to Alex’s excitement.

In the end the gym was closed that time of day, as I had not looked up anything other than the address, but the health food store Flannery’s was awesome. Alex liked it because we found some delicious ANZAC cookies to devour in the car.

We ended our visit, and a quick one at that, to Surfers Paradise, with lunch in Burleigh Heads, before we made the drive over the border and into New South Wales!


4 thoughts on “Our one night stop in Surfers Paradise

  1. Hi Alyce, Congratulations with this great achievement !! Well done!
    Have a great time in New Zealand …. coming up.
    Hugs for you both from Len and Annemarie

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