How we ended up with 6+ hotel rooms when we arrived in Brisbane…

Destination Brisbane.

We began our day however, waking up early in our tents at the free camp next to the highway. There were a few trucks that drove by, they may have been the cause to our early rise…

After a much needed coffee in the town of Gympie we began the drive east to the coast, where we would then drive south. On the way we drove through the well-known town of Noosa Heads. We did intend on stopping for a visit, to swim at the beach and have lunch, however it was insanely packed. We could not find parking, which may have been due to the fact that it was school holidays. Because of that we drove down the main street, drove up on a hill to look at the view and then off we went in the direction of Brisbane.

In the afternoon we arrived and headed straight to our hotel; Fleet Lane Apartments. On arrival we noticed that half of the hotels exterior was under construction and it looked like they were right in the middle of the noisy machinery stage. This was not mentioned upon booking which was our first little chin stroking ‘hmmm’ moment.

Upon checking in they mentioned that Chris in fact had two two bedroom apartments booked, in other words we had beds enough for eight people instead of us four. This was a little strange and they could not cancel the bookings for us but instead gave us two rooms. In the end it was a matter that could be sorted out once we got into our rooms, so in the elevator we went. We got to our two rooms only to find they had not been cleaned and were a big mess.

Off down to reception Chris went to let them know. They gave us two different rooms with apologies. One of the rooms was on a higher floor than the other, we went to check it out first. It was lovely and so we decided to dump our bags there and stay. That was until we went to head out into the city to explore and the door would not lock…

In this moment I went down to reception because it was now a little ridiculous and I did not want Chris and Annette’s last night with us to be ruined by room shuffling. Unfortunately that was what had to happen. We moved down a few floors to the other room we had been given, only to find that the construction was happening right outside each window. You could see the workmen and if the blinds were open they would have seen you. Not your ideal situation.

Back down to reception I went, where we were then given two new rooms, both of different floors again, but one of them was one of our original rooms which had now been cleaned. So we are up to 6 rooms now, even though one is a repeat room.

So the first room we visited actually smelt really bad and we did not want that room. Last but not least we headed to one of the original rooms we had been given, it was clean and so we decided to stay there.

All the while this room changing occurred, the receptionist was so wonderfully helpful, she even helped me cart our bags up and down to the different rooms at one point, and we had a lot of stuff with us.

Whilst all of this room changing madness occurred, Chris was out on an errad and Annette and Alex were exploring the city center. Once it was all sorted we all met up in the center and went for a drink. The Brisbane Arts Festival happened to be on along Southbank, so we enjoyed watching the people go by with our drinks.

With a drink to take off the crazy hotel edge, we headed back there to get ready for dinner. We ended up going to a little Italian place just around the corner from our hotel; Julius. It was delicious, bringing back memories of our holiday to Puglia in Italy the year before, and giving our trip here in Australia a delicious end.


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