Some bad weather, and a broken down buggy…but there is a happy ending!

Today was meant to be the day that we got to explore some of the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately due to the weather, an hour before our full day tour was supposed to depart, we received a call.

The lady on the other line said she was very sorry but the tour was cancelled due to the weather, but that she hoped we would still have a nice day.

Now not only did our tour get cancelled, but when we went to buggy on down the hill to complain a little and try book with another company, the buggy stopped working again. As you can see by our faces we were not happy.


Chris and Annette walked down the hill to talk with the tour companies whilst Alex and I waited on the side of the road for someone to come get us. After a good half hour, if not longer, the manager of our apartment came to help us. He was able to start the buggy but then also found that it stalled on him whilst driving it. He was a little reluctant to admit that but he said it and then took the buggy away.

We were FINALLY given a replacement buggy! It took 3 days and us being the testers to get it, but we got it and man it zipped around a lot better!

Meanwhile on the tour front, Chris and Annette were able to find another tour for us which would depart in the afternoon. It was a half day tour which would take us to Whitehaven Beach. We would not have the chance to snorkel or see the famous inlet, but it was an awesome tour and we were excited to get out there on the water.

Our tour departed around 12pm, we sailed the long way around Hamilton Island due to the weather still being a little choppy. After some time on some bumpy seas we could see the beach and it was beautiful.


We docked just off shore and were transported from the big boat to the beach by a smaller pontoon type boat.

And surprisingly there were not so many people with us on the beach. That could have been due to the windy weather, or we were just lucky, we side with the later.






The water was quite fresh but everyone had a dip and then whilst Alex and I enjoyed the sun whilst lying on our towels, Chris and Annette went for a little walk up the beach.

After an hour or so on the beach it was time to get back on the boat. We ended up doing a full circle of Whitsunday Island which gave us a great view of other islands and a glimpse into the beauty that is the Whitsundays!


Back on Hamilton Island and a little exhausted after such a tiring day exploring, we ordered some pizzas, which Chris and Alex picked up in our well functioning buggy. We ended the day playing games and then packing our bags for our next adventure which would begin the next morning….stay tuned!

Oh and enjoying this amazing sunset!



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