We finally have strong enough internet! Yay here is a really delayed and somewhat boring story… #sorry

Ok before I get into the post I have to say I am sorry for such a delay in posting this! There has been good reason, other than our lack of good Wi-Fi. So thank you for bearing with my ‘break’ and enjoy our riveting first post in a while…

So our time in Kakadu was short but sweet. Afterwards we headed south and then eventually East. Our destination was Queensland, nowhere specific, just the state would be fine.

We first drove south towards the Barkly Highway turnoff, passing towns like Daly Waters where the town is situated around an awesome pub. Seriously, everything you can imagine hangs from the ceiling and walls; t-shirts, hats, old number plates, thongs (flip flops for those non-Aussies) and even women’s bra’s hung from the bar. Alex and I had a drink just to take in the amount of crazy stuff left behind that made the pub what it was.




We passed a few other towns on our way down, we refer to those as blink towns; you see them, you blink and they are gone. Dad I’ll give you full credit for that one 😉

We reached the turn off to the Barkly Highway and off we continued. And then really other than a few nights camping in the bush somewhere, all we did was drive. There was not much else in between…

Now ok, there was the Barkly Roadhouse in the middle, where we used a real toilet for the first time in a few days, washed our hands, filled up the car with seriously $$ fuel and drank a well craved coffee.

Our destination after 3 days on the road since leaving Kakadu was still Queensland. And after a whole lot of driving with not much other than dirt, shrubs, some serious head wind, as well as some awesome music along the way of course, we arrived!



And there is our journey from Kakadu in the Northern Territory, to Queensland, where we ended up in the town of Mt Isa. It was not an epic journey but we enjoyed the difference in regards to scenery and the lack of anything in between. A whole lot of driving that is for sure. But also a whole lot of time just together enjoying each others company!

You were expecting a lot more from this story given how long it’s taken me to write it weren’t you? Well I am sorry I just thought I would use the suspense and then crush it, I mean surprise you with this riveting story of driving.

Don’t worry our next adventures are much more riveting, a lot more happens I promise…


4 thoughts on “We finally have strong enough internet! Yay here is a really delayed and somewhat boring story… #sorry

  1. Daly Waters is truly an iconic must see when in that part of the country. I notice you didn’t make any mention of Bitter Springs at Mataranka. I’m guessing time didn’t permit on this trip – leaving it out is a good reason to put that area back on your travel map for another time. It’s beautiful.

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