Plantation Bar & Grill: Where food dreams come true!

We spent our second day relaxing mostly by the pool, with only one exception, where we left our hotel only to eat lunch. We did not do too much else because one, we didn’t have to and two, because that evening we were going to indulge in a birthday meal from heaven!

In April I was lucky enough to visit Bali with my family for my beautiful sisters 21st. My parents had planned a great dinner for her celebrations, booking drinks beforehand at a rooftop bar overlooking the ocean, followed by a fancy ass dinner downstairs at the hotels restaurant. They had luckily stumbled upon this gem of a hotel when they had stayed there on a previous trip they took to Bali. The hotel in question was Double Six Hotel. The rooftop bar was the Double Six Rooftop bar, go figure. And the restaurant where food dreams are created is Plantation Bar and Grill.

Now back in April we had many drinks at happy hour in the rooftop bar, we got happy and began what would be a wonderful birthday evening. On this trip, Alex and I did the same. We went up to the rooftop, just in time to see the sun setting (or in correct terms the earth turning away from where the sun is) and ordered a few rounds of cocktails. From memory I remembered the cocktails at happy hour were quite delicious and bonus they were half price! We got a round of watermelon basil vojito’s and life the night was shaping up nicely.

When the time came Alex and I headed downstairs, first walking over a big dance floor where some 80s tunes were cranking. A little bopping whilst walking got us to those stairs, we descended into this grand high ceilinged room with soft mood lighting and a 50s style décor…if I am correct…possible wrong but we are making a bold guess.

From my visit with my family in April I knew there were some wonderful views of the ocean so in my booking I’d requested a table with a view. Very close, in fact right behind our table from April we sat in a little private nook.

Now this restaurant is much fancier than anywhere we normally eat, I had been wowed when coming in April and Alex was wowed on this occasion. It was his birthday dinner so a little bit of fanciness and spoiling was a must, same for my sister when we had come.

Now family you will be happy to know that when we went in April I was a legend at ordering and continued that streak this time, showing Alex the ropes. There was only one change to our order from last time and it was bar far the best choice! For those of you who are curious on what we ordered (and what you should order when there) we ate as many of their offered breads we could handle, we ordered Tuna Tartare, Ceviche (by far our favourite dish), for mains 2 x king prawns, and for desert well that’s a whole another thing in itself.

Plantation Bar and Grill Cocktail

Plantation Bar and Grill amazing bread

Plantation Bar and Grill entree

Plantation Bar and Grill main's

Now before I go into desert heaven I must note that we ordered a little too much, given the amount of bread we gorged on beforehand and during our entrées. We are not big eaters but wow we ate more than our fair share of bread, let alone the rest. It was all worth it!

Desert! Ahh well that was a funny one. I knew already what I wanted to order, the Javanese affogato, with dark chocolate ice cream, Cointreau and coffee. Seriously rich and seriously worth every mouthful! Alex saw they had Tiramisu on the menu and well if you know him then you know any other option was not seen once this was on offer.

In my booking I had mentioned this dinner was a surprise for Alex for his Birthday, they had asked his name when we he went to the bathroom and so I guessed they would bring out a candle in his Tiramisu. My parents had arranged something similar for my sister and it was wonderful.

Our deserts came out, they were massive and at this point we were stuffed full. But everyone knows there is a separate stomach for desert! So we indulged and ahh seriously it was food heaven, food coma, food amazingness!

I wondered then what had happened to Alex’s candle or maybe the little birthday surprise but thought, oh well this has been amazing already and he looks like he has loved it, so yay!

Next minute the staff are singing Happy Birthday, holding a bombe Alaska with ‘Happy Birthday Alex’ on the plate. Hehe we now had a third desert. I knew it was delicious as it was the same desert my sister had back in April, but oh goodness I don’t know how we fit more desert in.

We ate a good amount of the desert because well it was delicious! With ourselves struggling to sit up in the cushioned seats we decided we needed to walk a little and so asked for the bill. It came and with it an assortment of chocolates you could choose from. We couldn’t resist, but we only had one each!

Its safe to say we waddled out of the restaurant, feeling so content, same as when I had come with my family.

A birthday surprise I think well complete, all thanks really to my parents who originally found this heaven of a restaurant.

Any time in the future where we find ourselves in Bali, whether there is a special occasion or not, we will make it one and head to this restaurant. Seriously amazing!!!


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