Our First Day

Our first stop after leaving Perth was the far away town of Lancelin (only 129 km north of Perth). We stopped there to try out sand boarding which was well worth the stop, in fact we wondered why we had not known or tried it out previously, with Lancelin being so close to Perth.

Never the less, we hired two boards for an hour and it’s fair to say that an hour is more than enough time needed to sand board! After 15 minutes of a few trips down standing and trekking back up the hill, we were all a little puffed.

But wow what a fun activity, we got so much exercise and sand everywhere, this was mostly due to the fact that sand boarding is nothing like snowboarding, except in my case where I spend most of my time falling over. The fall on this occasion was soft and sand filled.

After Lancelin we made our way north again towards Geraldton, taking our time, with a quick stop at the Pinnacles. We arrived a little late into Geraldton and so our plan to cook at our camp, just north of the town, did not seem so great of an option, that being eating dinner at 9/9:30 pm. So in Forbes tradition we had good old MacDonald’s (Forbes tradition being breakfast in Geraldton every time we drove to Exmouth). I know we are bad, it involved wraps and of course chips, Alex may have had a burger…but we ate, it was food, we got over it and then got back in the car and drove to our camp.

Our first nights stay was at Coronation beach, a camping spot right on the beach down a very obscure road, 35.7km north of Geraldton. We arrived and found ourselves a spot and within 15 minutes I think we were all set up. Given it was late, all other campers seemed to be asleep so we sat for a little looking at the stars, which were seriously amazing! We attempted a photo, which did not do it justice, however we have many starry nights ahead to set up our GoPro to take a time lapse.

And that was our first day! Stay tuned for more.


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