And we are off!

Now although the writing and posting of this post is slightly delayed, due to us being adventurous and the fact that Vodafone doesn’t have a lot of coverage outside of a city… however it doesn’t take away from the excitement that we have finally left Perth (Mum, finally as in yay the holiday has begun) and begun our journey around Australia.

Alex, Lianne, Alex’s sister who flew all the way from the Netherlands to join us on the beginning of our tour and myself loaded into the car and off we went north.

And what a relief it is to be on the road, finally! The lead up to this journey and everything that needed to be organised/completed beforehand has been insanely exciting, but man has it been stressful, especially in those last few days.

I swear I had a couple of ‘almost’ panic attacks, mostly due to the fact that we had to pack up the house we had been living in for three years and the sheer amount of stuff we had accumulated in that time, all in three days. And yes we had a few months leading up to the moving out weekend to start preparing, which we did to an extent, but we were so surprised by how much stuff we actually had, hidden away in drawers and cupboards, the amount of water glasses for example, just woah! And anyone who knows Alex understands why we had so many haha…

Now I know Alex will say the whole process was fine, that yes we had a bit more than anticipated but we got through it easily, he is amazing that way, just taking on what we had to do and chipping away at it bit by bit. Myself on the other hand went through an emotional rollercoaster for a few days, even a little after we left.

You see, we had to pack for our 5 something months drive around Australia, as well as packing what we wanted to take to the Netherlands at the end of the year when we move, deliver furniture we had thankfully sold and find homes for the rest. The rest, being the many boxes of stuff currently sitting on my parents back table and in the boot of my sister and her boyfriend’s car (THANK YOU).

But of course like every story told, we got it done in the timeframe we gave ourselves with the help of our families and we lived happily ever after driving off into the sunset.


3 thoughts on “And we are off!

  1. Hallo Alice, Alex en Lianne, Heel leuk om te lezen hoe jullie (eindelijk) je avontuur zijn begonnen! Heel veel plezier op deze mooie trip. groetjes Doeke en Karin


  2. Be proud of yourself because you did it!
    Now it’s time to enjoy and relax .
    Hope you will have fantastic impressions for the coming months.


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